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I moved to Jersey City about three years ago and until today I had never gone for a walk. Being a native New Yorker and now living in New Jersey there’s no subway, Bus, dollar van, gypsy cab… you’ve got to either take an Uber or wait for the slow ass transportation systems they call the New Jersey transit.

That NJT isn’t my first choose so I’ll hop in the car any day!

I must say though that I am incredibly glad that I decided to park my car for once and take a walk to enjoy the sights the sounds. I found what I consider the most beautiful hidden gem in Jersey City called the Bayonne park.

The photos below with taken with my iPhone 7 Plus and edited using the VSCO app.

Shooting simple and clean beauty photography.


beauty photography, female, studiobeauty photography, female, studio

Mr T.S

After enduring a year long construction near my job..this place finally opened! I’m so excited and they have the most friendliest workers ever. 

Standing out in that 90 degree sun with a smile on their faces. 

Hmmm Yum! 

I wanted something that was tough…yet rugged, yet soft.

Its amazing what you can with a one light set up.

male, male modeling, studiomale, male modeling, studio

Another 1 light set up, with some help from some V flats

male, portrait photography, studiomale, portrait photography, studio